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26 jul 2022

Fijne zomervakantie! Vanaf 22 augustus zijn we er weer. 


6 jul 2022
New course: Cambridge Bootcamp

Have you been thinking about taking the Cambridge exam but still feel like you need some additional preparation? Perhaps you have already taken a course here at Saxion or externally but for different reason, you were not able to finalise your preparations. You are not alone! For academic year, 2022-2023 the Saxion Language School will be offering a brand new course called Cambridge Bootcamp to help get you in exam shape! The first one starts in October 2022.

We’ll start off with a mock exam and pinpoint the exact areas you still need to work on. This course will meet just six times, every other week, with a focus on speaking and exam tips. In between the physical classes, you’ll have a schedule to practice aspects of the exam such as: writing and Use of English.

There will also be a chance to practice the full speaking exam twice on Teams with another candidate and you’ll get detailed feedback from the instructor. Just like in a real bootcamp, there will be modifications for assignments you might need more help on. We’ll only be working with Cambridge materials. The class will combine written and online materials as well as short videos and quizzes to practice thematic vocabulary.

For this first round of bootcamp, we’ll be focusing on staff members hoping to take the Cambridge C1 Advanced or Proficiency exam.

A prerequisite for the course is that you have already take a Cambridge course at Saxion or externally. It’s also important that you can attend all the live sessions and have sufficient time to try all potential writing tasks (6) at least one time prior to the exam.

Trainer Lara Bold is looking forward to helping you prepare for this professional goal! Let’s make a plan!

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27 jun 2022
Free; Grip on workload. Inspiration webinar (English version)

In this no-nonsense inspiration webinar you get insights and do some exercises to experience how you can train peace in your head.

You will get practical advice and techniques to calm down thoughts and restlessness in your head. You will learn how mental recovery works and how you can improve your energy level.

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22 jun 2022
Free; Chemistry of work happiness. Inspiration webinar (English version)

After this webinar, you will have concrete tools to better cope mentally with hybrid work. You will learn what happens in your body, how you produce natural reward substances and how to feel good about yourself.

We work more and more hybrid, partly at home and partly at work. This means that we also work together differently and meet colleagues less physically. When you work at home, your body produces fewer reward or happiness substances, which can make you feel less good. In addition, you may suffer from the changed work pattern. Now it's different, sometimes you go to work, sometimes you stay at home all day. How do you limit the disadvantages of this change but keep the advantages?

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20 jun 2022
Free; Boost training - 2.5 days (English version)

LTC Boost is an interactive training for Saxion employees, in which practical exercises will help you to move in a self-aware way. You break free from old patterns, gain insight into your behaviour and talents and recognise your pitfalls. This training increases your resilience and is also suitable for you if you.

  • have complaints that have to do with stress, work pressure, burn-out or insecurity
  • feel hunted and are constantly in survival mode
  • have (unexplained) physical complaints, heart problems or whiplash

In an inspiring, rural and safe environment, you and a group of like-minded people will work actively on finding energy and further development. There is attention for your total lifestyle and work style. You will gain insight into the core of the problems you encounter. A body-oriented approach based on haptonomy and emotional bodywork helps you recognise signals. You conclude the training with a personal action plan and clear handles. Afterwards, you and your coach discuss how you can apply your new insights and behaviour in your 'old environment'.

Livvit reimburses 100% of the costs for a maximum of one Boost training session per person per year.

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13 jun 2022
Gratis; Succesvol hybride werken - hoe vind je elkaar on- en offline? (medewerkers)

Wil jij leren begrijpen wat de impact is van veel thuiswerken of juist veel op Saxion? Je denkt na over wat het hybride werken lastig maakt maar ook welke onderdelen je juist prettig vindt. Hoe kun je de nadelen minder impact geven en de prettige onderdelen juist groter maken? Door dit webinar te volgen leer je hoe je jouw energieniveau en werkplezier kunt verbeteren.

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13 jun 2022
Gratis; Succesvol hybride werken - hoe vind je elkaar on- en offline? (leidinggevenden)

Wil jij als leidinggevende graag handvatten om effectief leiding te geven aan een team dat deels op Saxion en deels thuis werkt? Je wil graag verbinding in je team en je medewerkers energiek houden. Wat de ene medewerker prettig vindt is voor een ander juist heel lastig. De verschillen in een team kunnen groot zijn. In dit webinar krijg je inzichten wat medewerkers lastig vinden en wat jij als leidinggevende kunt doen om je team energiek te laten (samen)werken.  

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Welkom bij de Saxion Academy

Een leven lang leren is uitdagend. Het zorgt voor persoonlijke ontwikkeling, groei en actuele vakkennis. Saxion vindt het belangrijk om mensen te motiveren én goed op te leiden. Dat zorgt uiteindelijk voor een professionele organisatie, waar niet alleen jij maar ook de studenten weer van profiteren. Als medewerker kun je hiervoor terecht bij de Saxion Academy, Saxion's eigen ontwikkelings- en opleidingscentrum.

Op deze website vind je ons complete trainingsaanbod onderverdeeld in de verschillende doelgroepen en thema's. Veel van de trainingen zijn ook in een maatwerkvariant beschikbaar; op het moment dat je als groep medewerkers een training wilt volgen zijn er vaak mogelijkheden om in de inhoud of de planning van de training rekening te houden met jullie wensen.